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Juniper & Cedar Men's Grooming Kit

Juniper & Cedar Men's Grooming Kit

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Experience a shower and shave like no other. Smell manly and up your routine for those road trip moments with our men's grooming kits by Boomer & Co. Our all natural men's grooming kits produce a rich infused lather in your shower and for your shave, featuring a scented combination of fruitful juniper berry and woodsy cedarwood atlas scents.


Keep your body clean, smelling manly and skin healthy for those game time moments with our men's body wash and shampoo by Boomer & Co. This all natural men's 2:1 body wash and shampoo produces a unique combination of fruitful juniper berry and woodsy cedarwood atlas scents.


Made for traditional showering and wet shaving, our rich lathering soaps will protect your skin and provide optimal showering and blade glide to maximize your shave, all with no residue at finish.

It's a sure fire go-to for your daily showering and shaving routine.


1- 8oz Juniper & Cedar Body Wash

1- 4oz Juniper & Cedar Shaving Soap

1- 4oz Juniper & Cedar Aftershave

Handcrafted in the USA. All Natural.


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