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FAQ Affiliate Program & MLM

How much in commission do I earn as an affiliate?

Our affiliates earn a percentage of each qualified sale they make. We currently offer all our starter affiliates a 15% commission, with the potential to earn higher based on performance and tenure.

Please review our Affiliate Advertising Fees page for more info.

What are the requirements to become an affiliate?

There's an application anyone may complete on our Affiliate Register Page. Once the application process is complete and reviewed, you may begin promoting your links to start making sales. Our Affiliate team will check your application once you've driven qualified sales (we require three within the first 180 days).

Please review our Affiliate Application Review Process page for more info.

Is there a minimum amount of monthly sales I must complete as an affiliate or multi-level marketer?

No. We do not require a minimum in monthly sales for our affiliates or multi-level marketers. We do however require that you complete at least three qualified sales every 180 days.

Please review our Affiliate Advertising Fees page for more info.

If I have made at least three qualified sales within my first 180 days, do I still have a minimum sales requirement thereafter to continue as an affiliate?

Yes. To continue as an affiliate, you are required to make at least three qualified sales every 6 months or every 180 day period thereafter.

Are there any products that are not eligible for Affiliate advertising fees? In other words, are there any products that an Affiliate won't make any advertising fees off of (i.e. products that earn an Affiliate 0% in advertising fees)?

Yes. Any product pages with buttons that redirect customers to other partner websites (offsite) to purchase a product offsite are not eligible for Affiliate advertising fees. Also, Affiliates earn no commission on membership package signups. It is recommended for Affiliates to advertise products on OmigodDibs.com that can be purchased directly through the OmigodDibs.com cart checkout process (i.e. product pages with "Add To Cart" buttons, that redirect the customer to the OmigodDibs.com cart page).

When can I participate in MLM?

You must first join as an affiliate and complete your minimum requirement of three qualified sales within the first 180 days. Once our Affiliate team has checked over your application and requirements you may then send in your affiliate referrals to be verified. If you have any questions, please contact us at memberships@omigoddibs.com

Is there a minimum amount of referrals (downline) I must have to participate in your MLM?

Once you're qualified to participate as a multi-level marketer, your are only required to have a minimum of one active referral (one downline) to participate in MLM.

Please review our Affiliate Advertising Fees page for an example of our MLM Level Referral structure and possible earnings you may acquire as an MLM and affiliate with us.

Some companies require their affiliates or MLM associates to purchase their products. Does Omigod, Dibs! require its affiliates and MLM associates to purchase your products?

No. We do not require any of our affiliates or associates to purchase our products, nor will we ever.

How may I contact someone for my questions on affiliate marketing and MLM with Omigod, Dibs!?

You may contact us on our Contact Us page or you may email us at memberships@omigoddibs.com


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