About Us

USA Born, Now Accessible In 16 Countries

When you think road trip, think "Omigod, Dibs!" We are your route to road trip bliss because we've got everything you need to be prepared for the long haul. Omigod, Dibs! is an online store, blog pit-spot, and more for the road trip enthusiast.

Omigod, Dibs! has been around since April 2018 and has earned the respect and trust of thousands since its opening as an internet store. We take pride in being the first online store and more for the road trip enthusiast. Taking care of the needs of our customers is priority number one. We are a young company, but a growing one that has served road trippers throughout the U.S. Omigod, Dibs! recently expanded its reach globally in June 2019 to 15 other countries including: Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand, Ireland (September 2019).

Omigod, Dibs! provides everything one needs to perfectly plan out a trip with friends and family. We have your all important products and merchandise that are deemed necessary for any road tripper to have or need for any road trip adventure. There's even blog content from our road trip crew who love sharing their road trip experiences with you. We've also created material to help you out if you're just getting started in your road trip adventures; like information, tips, tricks, advice and more. Just check out our blog content! At the beginning of January 2019, we began airing a new podcast show to give you information on everything road trips in a conversational way! You can listen to The Road Trip Roadcast, a podcast by Omigod, Dibs! anytime you want! Our goal is to get you to think of us first for all your on-the-road needs before mapping out your next road trip destination.

So, what does Omigod, Dibs! mean and how do you pronounce it? First, this is how you pronounce Omigod, Dibs! here: (Click Me). Omigod, Dibs! is an expression for when you see that perfect item that you've wondered about, herd of, looked for, are dying to have, then finally found, and out of pure excitement call out "Omigod, Dibs!" It's the similar habitual expression you made in your youth when you saw something awesome you wanted and without thought used the common word of expression "Omigod!", then proceeded to claim said item by using the word "dibs". After you expressed your excitement and claim on the item verbally for all to hear, it was automatically recognized and accepted by your peers that the item was now yours.

When you go to OmigodDibs.com, you've arrived at a place that has all your road travel necessities, information, entertainment and much more. With us, you've got everything you need for the road. It's our goal to have you think of us first when you think about going on a road trip. We call it, pink dot on the mind. If you see the pink dot, you're at the right spot. Yep, when you come to see us, we look forward to hear you exclaim and claim... Omigod, Dibs!