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Important Membership Packages Information

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  1. Membership services are paid through your PayPal® account. You must have a PayPal® account to subscribe to our Membership Packages.
  2. Members receive an email confirmation after signup and are given a unique member code. Member codes can also be found on your Account. You may use this unique member code on every purchase made at OmigodDibs.com in order to receive membership benefits. Dibs Tokens™ are awarded to member on purchases made at OmigodDibs.com whether member code is used or not used. It is up to the member to use their member code at or before checkout to be able to use their member benefits. (Learn How To Use Member Codes) If you have any questions about using your Member Code or applying your membership discounts you may email our Memberships Team at memberships@omigoddibs.com
  3. Membership codes cannot be used with other promo code offers. If another promo code is being offered by Omigod, Dibs!™ or at OmigodDibs.com that gives the member a deeper discount, members are free to choose which discounts are best for them, and still receive the proper awarded Dibs Tokens™ for purchases made at OmigodDibs.com.

NOTE: Any promo offers/codes/deals/sales/etc. offered by Omigod, Dibs!™ or OmigodDibs.com are ONLY eligible for items sold directly from our website OmigodDibs.com. PLEASE REFER TO NOTICE BELOW.


  1. Customers cannot use Dibs Tokens™ or Membership Benefits on products sold or purchased at a third party site.
  2. Reward Members cannot earn Dibs Tokens™ on purchases made on third party sites. Reward Members are still rewarded the proper amount of Dibs Tokens™ on their accounts with OmigodDibs.com on purchases made at OmigodDibs.com.
  3. Towing Package Members and Fully Loaded Package Members are able to be rewarded Amazon® Gift Cards for earning the proper amount of Dibs Tokens™ to use on items sold at Amazon.com per terms and conditions provided by Amazon®. Members must request for an Amazon® Gift Card to be rewarded to them if they so choose to use their Dibs Tokens™ in exchange for an Amazon® Gift Card via emailing our team at redeem@omigoddibs.com or by contacting us on our Contact Us page.
  4. Amazon® Gift Cards are not eligible for use on purchases made at OmigodDibs.com. Amazon® Gift Cards are only accepted at Amazon.com per their terms and conditions.