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Why We Love Road Trips

The Possibilities of The Road Trip

The Possibilities of The Road Trip


We’ve been on a lot of road trips during our time at Omigod, Dibs! We went on a lot of road trips before our business even existed. We were always fond of the road. Our minds wondered where one road led, where another ended. We asked ourselves, “What are we missing if we don’t follow that path?” “Where are we going to end up if we continue the lane we’re on?” Our imaginations and sense of wonder lit our spirit with every mile added to the odometer. We love the aura that the road provides with every upcoming destination. Every possibility that there is for each town, place, city or land that we encounter gives a sense of real exploration when we push our automobile ship further down the winding river of asphalt, across the infinite stretch of terrestrial space the pavement leads us through.

Imagination of The Road Trip

The Imagination of The Road Trip


We often use that love of road travel and our imagination to design in our minds what the current place we occupy is like as soon as we pull in. We wonder what the life of the individual must be like in that place we visit, what conversations are taking place in that store on the square, what thoughts are going through the mind of that women walking to her car in the grocery store parking lot, what the people do as a community in their town? The road trip allows the mind to run wild, like the wild horses of the plains in a time long ago; free, hearts filled with wonder and optimism.

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The Life of The Road Trip

Start to Finish


The road trip is like being a child again, it’s like a spiritual endeavor, and it’s like life. There’s a beginning to the journey. If you’re inexperienced, there’s some fear, there’s some screw ups, there’s a potential for a lot of memories and fun to be had. On your journey on the road, there are people you meet, cultures you experience, lessons that you learn. There’s an excitement to it all and sometimes heartache, not so good times, and obstacles to overcome.  It’s always a triumph making it to your destination, a relief to make it safely to where you had planned to get to, and just like any journey there’s an end, and a real sense of accomplishment of making it all along the way.

The Perspective of The Road Trip

Birds Eye View of Roads


Yes, adding the activity of taking road trips in our lives has given us more in life than a plane ticket somewhere has ever done. A birds-eye view may give perspective of possibilities below, but you cannot manipulate the plane in the air to take you in the thick of it, like an automobile on the road can. You may see for miles on end, but if you cannot experience each mile physically, you’ve missed out on the entire journey from departure to arrival. The road trip is generous in giving anyone the full experience of movement across the country, the entire itinerary is filled with destinations across the map instead of only points A and B. Remember, point A is where you came from, the place that you know by heart, and point B is the direct point of interest, your final destination. When you take a road trip, every rotation of the tire is a new destination of which there are infinitely many to be experienced.


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