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That Time We Found a Magical Place, Part IV

Ruby Beach through trees

Ruby Beach through the trees. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


I couldn't believe it. We reached the end of the trail and what I observed at the time was so new to me, a sight I had never experienced and I was absolutely mesmerized. I remember speaking to Jenny in excitement as if I were a little boy again, excited about finding this magical place. I had a feeling similar to when a young boy and his friends find the perfect spot in the woods for an awesome fort they can make. I kept pointing things out and saying "look" at everything I saw. She was becoming more amazed with me the more we observed as we made our way out the end of the trail.

At the end of the trail was an opening that went from the bare dirt ground we had been walking on to, what I call, medium sized river rock all across the beach. They were dark, grayish flat and smooth stones that blanketed the beach. To exit the trail, we had to maneuver ourselves over a fairly large tree that had fallen over some time ago that laid across the final steps of the trail. Once we made first steps onto the stone beach, we faced in a direction that was perpendicular to the incoming ocean waves that met the stone beach maybe 80 feet away from us to our left.


Trail exit to beach

End of trail to Ruby Beach. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


We were looking directly at a small river that was flowing out of the thicket of trees, straight out over the beach to its final destination into the sea. Where we exited the trail was where we witnessed fresh water that had probably made its long journey from atmosphere - to high mountain terrain in the form of frozen precipitation - to liquid water, traveled down and across the land through the river - to its final leg of the journey where our eyes met its final days as fresh water to its beginning days as a massive saline solution.

As our eyes followed the hurried flowing river water to the sea, our attention became focused on another surprise. It was like looking at ancient statues; massive, untouched for thousands of years, posed in the ocean waters there for our viewing pleasure. They were enormous, giants of the beach; beautiful dark colored rock that jetted out of the ground as if pushed out by some colossal event that occurred many millennia ago. Further out off the coast we could see another land mass that grew out of the ocean some many years ago. It was much more massive than the ones that stood there near the beach. I remember thinking how neat it would be to camp or stay in a house up there, out there for a while, if there was one.

Large Stones in Water

Sea Stacks at Ruby Beach. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


The sights were just incredible to us. The aura about the place, at that time of the day, at that perfect time of the year was magical. It was damp out, with heavy cloud cover, very gray looking and the weather was very cool.The ocean waves coming in to a shore covered in smoothed varying hues of gray river stones. A river that gushed water out of the darkness of trees that flowed across the beach to its final destination where it clashed with the sea. Debarked tree logs were also strewn about the beach that must have taken a ride in the ocean until it carried them at high tide to the shore where we stood.


Drift logs

Driftwood on Ruby Beach. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


I half expected a dragon to appear around the bend of the shore line where I couldn't see the rest of the beach past the trees. You see, if you remember, we started out just wanting to take a look around the state, to see the towns we wanted to go see based in a series of books we had been reading before our trip. Although each location we visited were little jewels to see and say we visited, we didn't find much to them to write home about, but it was when mother nature called and we just so happened to stop at the right place by chance that we found a diamond.

So, if someone suggests that there's not much to see just taking a drive somewhere or that you believe you won't find much on the road, remember that unless you go, you'll never see a diamond like we did. It was a spectacular sight, a truly magical place, indeed.

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