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That Time We Found a Magical Place, Part II

LaPush Map Sign

La Push Map Sign. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!)


We finished our meal in the car and decided to brave the elements and get out of the rental car to at least look around a bit before we made our way south along the coastline. The wind was unbearable for a Texas raised boy. The wind was so stout that we walked as if we were in a Michael Jackson music video (Remember Smooth Criminal?). You could definitely pick out the out-of-towners judging by how well we were letting mother nature kick our rear-ends as we viewed the windblown scenery.

A large tour bus suddenly came pulling up near us as my wife and I were taking pictures next to big rocks and driftwood along the inland areas of the shoreline. We must've looked as if we'd never seen rocks and sea-drift trees washed onshore before. Luckily this bus was a welcomed distraction from ourselves with its massive, full body wrap of the Twilight characters all over it with definite out-of-towners in single file pouring out of it. We suddenly felt relieved we weren't the only ridiculous fools in the wet, windy, cold environment trying to stand ourselves up against hurricane force winds just to take pictures.



We made our way back to the car, got in and let out big breathes. Wet and wind battered we pulled out of La Push and went on our way south along the coastline. Most of the drive was us just admiring the multitude of moss covered evergreens everywhere and getting quick glimpses through the trees at the raging white-capped tides lapping on the beaches and boulders in the distance from the road.


La Push, WA

Welcome to La Push, Washington. Photo by Jenny Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!)


There was a moment along the drive that occurs to even the veteran road trippers, we had to pee in a stretch of road with nothing to pull into to go. I had no problem going in the trees off the road or just opening the car door and standing behind it. You know, the "car door bathroom." Well, going on the side of the road is usually not an option for our lady friends, and certainly wasn't for my wife on that two-lane moss covered evergreen trees encroached road we were on. So, we had to camel it and hold it until we found somewhere we could go. 

As if by chance, and a little luck, my wife points out an opening in the trees. The trees were so dense that I didn't even see the opening until we were right on it, so I just caught the turn-in in time to pull over. It was a quick entrance to a small rest area surrounded by trees. Within this area were enough parking spaces for maybe 10 vehicles and a small out-building made of pine that were bathrooms. We got out, went into the restrooms and did our business.

We met each other outside and we're going to make our way back to the car, but something caught my eye. There were a couple other cars parked there, but I found it odd that no one else was there in the bathrooms with us. Where is everyone? I saw what looked to me like a trail entrance just off the parking lot going into the trees. Maybe it's a trail. "We haven't really gone out walking around much today or explored, let's go see where it goes," I said to Jenny.

This concludes "That Time We Found A Magical Place, Part II." Stay tuned for more of the adventure, and for the point of this whole story... that time my wife and I found a magical place.

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