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That Time We Found a Magical Place, Part I

Olympic National Park Lake Crescent Sign

Olympic National Park Lake Crescent Sign. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


Let me tell you something. If there's ever any time someone says to you, "There ain't nothin' to see out there on the road," or "Every time I go somewhere I don't find much of anything," or "It's all the same everywhere you go!" Tell them they need to quit looking for something to find and let it find them.

My wife and I (this was before we were married) had a similar mindset one time back in 2011, when we had planned a trip together to Seattle, Washington. Back in 2011, the Twilight series of books and movies were still quite popular. We had actually spent time together in the evenings, months before our trip, reading each book in the series together, taking turns reading to one another.



Now, the reason why we were going to Seattle was because my wife, who was in the early stages of her running a marathon in all 50 states, (which she completed January 2016) had a scheduled run that November. We thought since we had been reading the series of books and watching the movies as we finished each book, and that we had become so involved in the story, that we'd take a road trip around the state seeing all the towns listed in the books.


Seattle Marathon

Sea Stacks at Ruby Beach. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


We had our trip all planned out in advance. We'd leave Seattle very early one morning and take the ferry across the bay, make our way to the 305 and on to 101 toward Port Angeles first. We ate breakfast in a small town somewhere between Sequim and Forks, don't remember exactly where and am pretty sure it wasn't in Port Angeles, at a small motel diner mid-morning. We took some pictures and walked around the town browsing in the main street stores. Lot's of Twilight merchandise at that time!

"Well, that was neat, let's push on." We made our way through the northern portion of the Olympic National Park, which was gorgeous with the heavily wooded lush green forests, rivers and beautiful pit-stops along the way where we'd take pictures. "This is nice" we thought, but we have a mission, "lets get on to Forks." So, we arrive at Forks, a fairly important locale in the book series... not much to the place. Took a picture next to the town entrance sign and drove straight through.

Forks, WA

Welcome to Forks, Washington. Photo by Jenny Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


"Well, hope we find something interesting along this trip" is what one of us said to the other. So, we kept moving along. Next was La Push, a very interesting coastal town with lots, and lots, and lots of wind. I don't know if it was just the time of year that we were there that the wind seemed to be blowing 60 mph plus, but I'm pretty sure that it's always that way judging by the permanently east facing bare blown trees along the coast. So, we ended up eating our lunch, IN THE CAR there at a parking area near the water facing the sea with its massive cliffs of ancient stone in the waters. The wind never letting up, wet and cold. "How do people live here," we thought.

This concludes "That Time We Found A Magical Place, Part I." Stay tuned for more of the adventure, and for the point of this whole story... that time my wife and I found a magical place.

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Dustin H.

Lover of road trips, married, a father, an entrepreneur, chaser of dreams.

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