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Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part VI

Newly Engaged at Arizona State Line

Newly Engaged at Arizona State Line - photo by Omigod, Dibs!

We’re going to get married! Newly engaged, we were filled with a new energy for the remainder of our road trip. We were ready to conquer the world and begin our new life together, on the road, as we had dreamed. We had just left our exact pinpoint location of where I asked my future bride to marry me, right at Four Corners. A place where four states meet, a combination of four very different locations, conjoined as one, a union of separate histories and backgrounds, much like Jenny and I.

We were on the road and headed toward highlight number two of the whole trip, Nevada. No, no, no, we didn’t get hitched in Vegas, nor were we going to Vegas, nor were we interested in going to Vegas. No, no, we were headed to the middle-of-nowhere, in the middle of the desert, hardly a soul around, and we were going to be camping out there, alone, in our car… how romantic! I must admit, this was really my number two highlight of the whole trip, but relationships are give-and-take, right? My future wife gave me the opportunity to go where I wanted to go in Nevada.  I take the punishment of hearing all about how cold, tired and sore she was the next day from sleeping in a car in the desert (“haha”).

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We were headed to the most notorious place on earth for conspiracy theories, UFO’s, government cover-ups, aliens, secret U.S. government testing and all things amazingly cool and exciting the imagination can think of in an amalgamation of science fiction galore in one very real location, Area 51. When I say middle of nowhere, I mean middle-of-nowhere. The only things around were asphalt, dirt, Joshua trees and cows freely roaming the vast desert terrain (see for yourself). As we drove down the Extraterrestrial Highway, yes, that’s the actual name of the highway there; we went straight, we twisted, we turned, we ascended, and we descended along the long route ‘til we found the infamous “black mailbox”, but to our surprise was white! People from around the world had written all over it, placed stickers over it, left notes in it; they had plastered all sorts of graffiti on every square-inch of the postal pit-stop.

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After admiring the mailbox, we decided to drive about a half-mile or so further down the very long stretch of highway in that particular locale, to where we could see a large-enough dirt and gravel shoulder that we deemed safe-enough to park for the night to camp. At that time it was getting close to sunset and before it got too dark we decided to pull out the binoculars to have a look around the whole area. Now, I had arrived knowing that Area 51 and the military base in the area was very real, but in the back of my mind thought that we probably wouldn’t see anything during our stay but desert scenery. Boy, was I wrong and completely surprised right-off-the-bat when I started peering through my binoculars to get a better view of the surrounding terrain.

This concludes "Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part VI". Stay tuned for more of the adventure and close encounters of the OMG kind.

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