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Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part IX

Overlooking Grand Canyon

Overlooking Grand Canyon. Photo by Jenny Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!)


Just as the sun shined a glimpse of itself over the silhouette of the Desert Mountains in the distance, Jenny and I were already awake. She had more sleep time than me, which was around 3 hours due to the late night attempt of spotting UFOs. When the sun was out enough to see what we were doing, we got ourselves back on the road, but before we left the area completely, we decided to drive back down the highway a short distance to where the “black mailbox” was, to take some pictures. This place in the desert was an area of mystique, wonder and mystery. It’s a place in the Nevada desert that has captivated the imagination of millions worldwide and we were lucky enough to leave a very small imprint of energy of ourselves there. To have placed a small quantity of our life’s time there in the desert over our night’s stay was well worth it. It was truly a great bit of excitement for us and we were so glad that we took the time to go out of our way to experience it. We will for sure go back again.


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It was time to leave this nugget of an adventure and head on to some other really neat places. We made our way south toward Vegas, but did not stop there. We weren’t interested in gambling, shows, and city ruckus; we wanted to see the wonders of the world, like the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Once we made our way through and out of Vegas, we came upon the Nevada and Arizona state borders where we visited the Hoover Dam. You know, the Hoover Dam was once considered the eighth wonder of the world after its completion in 1935. Wow, what a manmade structure it was and such a feat of engineering to accomplish! It was incredible to see such a structure built from 6,000,000 tons of concrete! I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with concrete, but that’s a lot of mixing and wheelbarrow runs! They say that that’s enough concrete to pave a road from New York to Los Angeles. Can you imagine?!



The reservoir created by the Hoover Dam is Lake Mead, a lake created by the inflow of water from the Colorado River, was a beautiful place to get out and look around. It was like it was a little oasis in the desert; not much around, but barren land and a blue manmade lake divided between Mohave County, Arizona and Clark County, Nevada. Although the area was a terrific treat to see, we needed to get to the Grand Canyon before it got too late in the day for us, because we knew that seeing the Grand Canyon would take up most of our day in seeing and hiking it, and we were also anxious because neither of us at the time had ever seen the Grand Canyon.


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Grand Canyon. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!)



From what I can remember, there was quite a little drive we had to take to get to whatever point we were going to through the Grand Canyon National Park, but once we got to a spot we could stop and really get out an see this giant gouge in the earth, it was inexplicably magnificent. I had seen pictures for years of the Grand Canyon and really didn’t think much about it, honestly. I mean, I never heard people around me talk about it or ever tell me that they had seen it, I only knew of what I had heard from people I didn’t know, like on TV. So, I had no real reference or preparation for myself for the moment of eye contact of the naturally eroded valley. Pictures do not do a canyon of this enormity justice in the slightest bit. Video really doesn’t do the Grand Canyon any justice in showing how massive and grand the place really is either. It was incredible! It was like arriving at a whole new planet, standing on its edge looking out at miles of deep gouges carved in the land, the whole scenery completely alien to me. The mind flooded with a natural instinct to want to explore the land inch by inch. My legs wanted to go, but my gut said otherwise. The canyon itself was like standing on Mother Nature’s version of a skyscraper, except she dug her way in instead of building her way up. On average, the canyon is 4,000 feet deep, just shy of a mile by 1,280 feet. That’s like standing just over 11 football fields, from goal post to goal post, on end or standing 2 radio towers (at about 2,000 ft. tall per tower) on top of the other. You know, those really tall towers you see sometimes with the red blinking lights on them to keep planes from crashing into them? Yeah those ones. It’s huge! Get this, that’s not even the largest parts of the canyon. It’s said that it’s even up to 6,000 feet deep at its deepest point and 18 miles at its widest. That’s insane! It’s unimaginable unless you see it. If you’ve never been you HAVE to go. You’ll be shocked, you’ll be amazed, you’ll be inspired, and you’ll be awed by how incredible the natural world is and how minute we really are compared to nature’s cathedrals.

This concludes "Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part IX". Stay tuned for more of the adventure and close encounters of the OMG kind.

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