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Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part III

UFO and Alien exhibit

UFO and Alien exhibit in International UFO Mueseum and Research Center. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!)


We parked down the street from our first destination of interest, somewhere off of Main Street in Roswell. We got out of our car, stretched our legs for a minute and then started making our way toward the place we decided to go first in town, a place we became aware of all thanks given to a fairly large road sign we had seen prior to our arrival. “There!” We could just see the front sign of the tan building ahead. It looked as if it might have been an old theater, at least judging by the appearance outside. It looked that way due to the way the front covering of the building protruded over the sidewalk in a large, somewhat curving manner, with big colorful signs stating “UFO” in giant letters with a graphic of a flying saucer swishing over the lettering of one of them.



This must be the place. The acronym UFO was advertised all over the building and there was also a saucer-shaped ship protruding from the corner edge of the side of the building as if it had crashed there and was stuck like a circular blade in a block of wood. Yes, now we could just see the words “Museum and Research Center” amongst the rest of the eye-catching media attached to the building as we walked closer. We marched straight inside, payed our admission fee and was ready to see preserved historical artifacts with our own eyes.



This place had everything about the Roswell crash. There were pictures, newspaper articles, witness accounts and testimonies, even information on debris that was found and even reports of alien bodies being found at the crash site in July 1947. There were displays and cut-outs of fictional alien movie characters, information on other alien accounts and even a gift shop that had all sorts of space and alien related memorabilia for all enthusiasts.

We meandered around viewing display after display, weaving our way through other patrons who were curious of the displayed stories and events that had been reported over the decades. We looked at pictures that were hung on every wall partition that sectioned each area of the touring floor in the building, reading descriptions to each and… “Omigod! There’s a UFO inside the building! Look, there are aliens too!” The display of a life sized group of what are colloquially known as “greys” stood under a mechanically rotating UFO that floated above the floor in an open area of the room. They seemingly looked as if they were waiting for us all to come closer to join them in their ship. There were jittery children standing around the cordoned off other-worldly creatures trying to get a closer look at the nature of the statues standing there with their large black eyes looking beyond the children’s heads. People were eager to take pictures with these beings.

There was a glassed off room at one point of the self-tour that had a sharp dressed mannequin man and doctor inside standing over what was represented to be a body of an alien of one of the crashes in Roswell on a metal gurney. A newspaper laid at the foot of the gurney stating that a General at the time in 1947, “Empties Roswell Saucer”. Next to the sharp dressed mannequin was a small metal table with what looked like shards of foil metal pieces of what was left of the saucer the creature they were observing crash landed in.



The place was an amazing display of history, information, sights and memorabilia. When we finished looking at all there was to see we made our way to the gift shop where there were many items you felt like you wanted to get, but truly didn’t need. So, we each bought an alien shirt and a refrigerator magnet as tokens of successfully venturing into the place known as the International UFO Museum and Research Center. We cherished the experience that we had and still display our magnet proudly on our fridge today. It was now time for us to move on and take on new endeavors. We looked around other areas of the town, but we were kind of on a schedule for the day and we soon hit the road again. We were to head on towards Albuquerque, where we’d visit the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, then go on towards Los Alamos, where we’d try to see a place known as Los Alamos National Laboratory where supposed top secret research has occurred for decades and still does occur from deep within the American government.

This concludes "Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part III". Stay tuned for more of the adventure and close encounters of the OMG kind.

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