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Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part II

UFO Museum Road Sign

International UFO Museum and Research Center Road Sign. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


The first leg of the trip my wife and I drove straight out of Houston heading north. Then, at some point, when we got far enough north we headed in a westerly direction with an aim towards somewhere south of Lubbock to stay somewhere for the night. Our first day’s goal was to just get as close to New Mexico as we could without getting too much into a rush. We wanted to enjoy the drive. We had a goal for day 2 and that was to arrive in Roswell, New Mexico to take a look around at what the small town had to offer for a pair or road travelers.



If you’ve never been to Roswell, go. Everyone and their dog have just about heard the story of the supposed UFO crash of July 1947. This is the main attraction to this town. Just the idea of being there gave the aura of being in a place that something had occurred that was part of something far more historically significant than anything else in mankind’s existence, if you believe in the claim or take part in broadening your imagination to play along in the idea that something of that magnitude occurred. This would, of course, be short of God manifesting himself in the image of man and humans creating a nation based on an idea that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, further acknowledging their rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. But, I digress. We were there for fun and wanted to see what this town of Roswell was about.



Roswell is a somewhat small town, much like many in America. To most, it would seem as a boring town to visit and not much to offer up for entertainment, but you would be mistaken in assuming so. This town has all sorts of UFO and alien attractions, especially places to take neat pictures. There are aliens everywhere, seriously! We even saw one that had to have been 10 feet tall at the local KFC. Hmm, I wonder if they like chicken too? Anyway, this doesn’t include the norms of area attractions like a wild life refuge, state park, golf course, cultural attractions and loads of other fun things to see and do. Here’s a link of things to see and do. The UFO crash did not take place directly in town, but some miles outside of it, so you’d have to go just outside of town to physically see where a crash supposedly took place. But, there is a museum! The International UFO Museum and Research Center to be exact, and there’s loads of neat things to look at and enjoy in there!


Welcome to Roswell

Welcome to Roswell "Dairy Capital of The Southwest" Sign. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


You absolutely have to go to the International UFO Museum and Research Center if you’re ever in town. Here’s their link, so you can check out what they’re about. Okay, back to the story. We’ll just skip to the part when we arrive at Roswell. There we were, we had finally arrived and there to greet us was a greeting sign on the side of the road, “Welcome to Roswell, Dairy Capital of The Southwest”. Huh, didn’t expect Roswell to be the dairy capital of the southwest, but we guessed it must’ve been true; it was on the sign and everything. Somewhere along the way we saw a sign telling us about the UFO Museum and Research Center, “Turn Left on Main, 1 Block on Right”. Yep, that’s where we were going. Seems like a great place to start! Those darn road sign advertisements do work! Otherwise, we had never known of such a place even existing!

This concludes "Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part II". Stay tuned for more of the adventure and close encounters of the OMG kind.

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