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Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part I

Sunset drive somewhere in Texas

Sunset drive somewhere in Texas. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!™)


Okay, this next trip for us was one of those once-in-a-lifetime kinda situations, from my point of view anyway. You know, one of those trips you just have to do when you finally get the opportunity to do so? You plan it out right; where you want to go and what you want to see. Yeah, this one was that kind of trip, and it was to turn out way more than I was expecting it to be.



Before my wife and I met, my wife wasn’t a science geek or sci-fi fanatic like I am. She grew into those topics and genres the more she stuck around me. There's a point to bringing this up in a minute. So, while I was still in college studying for my physics degree, we had the opportunity to plan a trip to the greatest parts of this country that there are in my opinion, and that is the great western state regions of these United States. I would be on break and she had several places to go run marathons to catch up on her running a marathon in all 50 states. You see, Jenny, my wife (but we weren't married yet during this story), is a 50 states marathon member (and has since completed running a marathon in all 50 states), but at that time she needed to complete some states out west. So, we were to head out west.



We planned it all out. We were to drive from Texas to New Mexico, then onto southern Colorado and Utah, down to Arizona and then up into Nevada. On this trip we were to visit some specific places. That’s where the whole mention of science and science fiction fits into this trip and story.

You see, I'm also very fond of paranormal stories and accounts, not so much in ghosts and Sasquatches, but in UFO phenomena and the possibility of advanced civilizations observing our planet, encounters and crashes. Whether I or you believe in such things are irrelevant. It's enjoyable to me, like Lord of the Rings are for others, or Star Wars is for millions. These are bad examples to use in comparison, I know, but I believe you know what I mean.

Anyways, our plan was to venture to famous and mysterious places, some of which people claim to have had fantastic experiences, which was all the more reason to investigate and experience ourselves. We were to visit such places as Roswell, New Mexico - Los Alamos, New Mexico - the Meteor Crater in Arizona and the holy grail to UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists of advanced alien technologies, a region north of Las Vegas, Nevada, a place known as Dreamland, Groom Lake and mostly widely known as Area-51.

This concludes "Close Encounters of The OMG Kind, Part I". Stay tuned for more of the adventure and close encounters of the OMG kind.

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