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Vegan Cookies? Just Bear With Me

Classic Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies


Quite a few weeks ago now, I had the sudden interest in going on a diet for myself. I’m not sure why. I’m not overweight. I mean, I’m a fairly decent sized guy at about 6’-2”, give or take a quarter inch and about 1 and a half stones over 200 pounds, but not heav… okay maybe I have a couple sweets now and then, but who’s counting?! Anyway, back to the matter of the interest in the diets I had had…

A while back ago I had an interest in trying a different diet for myself. Not really vegan and not really vegetarian, only having a diet of grain, vegetables, fruits, nuts and some dairy. I did cut out most, if not all meats for about 6 weeks, only allowing myself to eat maybe something like eggs once a week or so on a weekend morning. I had always heard of people claiming all the health benefits on all these diet fads for years, not ever trying any of them myself, frankly because I didn’t care, but I thought “What the hay?!”  I mean, if you want to see if something works for you and if you'll feel any difference, you’ve got to go try it for yourself, right?

A guy can only take so much fruits and vegetables without some sustenance every now and then. I had to find a different recipe for myself, one that could be both a treat and I wouldn’t feel like I was cheating myself. I know, I know, you’re asking at this point, “Why is this guy talking about diets and recipes for, here? This place is supposed to be on road trip topics, right? Why am I reading something that’s beginning to sound like it should be in a cooking or diet blog somewhere?” I hear you, and I’m getting to my point soon. Just bear with me.


Eat Sleep Burn by Dan Garner



I found a vegan cookie recipe

So, out of boredom from my “healthy” diet food, I decided one evening to search the internet on my phone on some sort of “healthy” cookie recipe out there. I searched for cookies, because I like cookies and I put “healthy” in quotes here because, who knows what’s healthy, really anyway? Every time you turn around, something that was once “healthy” is now deemed unhealthy, and vice versa. But, I digress. I found “the one” one night, the cookie recipe that sounded decent and one that called for ingredients I already had in the pantry and cabinets, so I didn’t need to go out for a grocery store run. Perfect!

The title of the recipe is called Classic Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, and was found in a blog site called MyDarlingVegan.com. You can find the recipe at the link here: Classic Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe. This recipe was shared and written by Sarah, a self-proclaimed vegan who so graciously shared this quite tasty cookie recipe. Hey, I used to think strangely about people who claimed to be vegan and what-not too, but don’t knock the vegans on all their recipes, especially this one. This one is quite good! My wife even loves them! I like them so much that I have made at least 5 or 6 batches of them in the past two months. It’s such an easy recipe too! It only calls for brown and white sugar, coconut oil, salt, apple sauce, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, baking soda, and chocolate chips. Of course, everything has to be vegan and proper, but I wasn’t picky. I did have a good large jar of organic coconut oil on hand, as well as a jar of organic apple sauce, luckily because we had some for our daughter. The only thing I didn’t have at that time was chocolate chips, which wasn’t a big deal, so I made them without and continue to do so. So, I guess my personal recipe would be called Classic Vegan Cookies, or Classic Vegan Non-Chocolate Chip Cookies, or something along those lines.



Anyway, after having my first batch eaten I thought to myself, “These would make great cookies to take along as a snack on a road trip.” They aren’t made with any ingredients that would necessarily spoil being exposed in a car for a long period of time, they’re easy to make, easy to store, and easy to eat! Not to mention they’re super delicious. They would make for a perfect road trip treat, and they’re homemade too, which is a huge plus! They’re also a lot of fun to make with the family in the kitchen. Imagine, the day or night before a big road trip with family and friends, you could all be gathered in the kitchen together and making this easy cookie recipe to have for your trip! You could make several batches of them, since they’re easy to make and are sure to be gone from your supply quickly due to their popularity with everyone in the house and car. They’re sure going to be a staple snack food for our road trip family from now on, that’s for sure.

Check out my personal recipe

You can check out my version of this vegan cookie recipe at the Perfect Vegan Cookie Road Trip Snack blog post I wrote to help out those who were interested in making these delicious snacks for themselves. I go into a detailed "how to" on how I make them, the ingredients I use and there's a short video of me showing you how I make them too!

How'd the diet go?

As for how my diet went? If you were curious, it went quite well actually. I felt good after a 6 week cleanse. After six weeks I started eating some more meats again, and had a few pieces of junk food here and there, and added more dairy to my diet, but all-in-all I did notice a difference for the better. I didn’t get religious about it though, because I am one who thinks that the variety of food available to us, the kind that isn’t processed or man-made, is quite alright for the body as long as we take it easy. Everything in the right proportions, right? Trust your own body, we’re all different. The body is the most technologically advanced machine on the planet, so maintain it like it’s one. Take care of it and take care of you. What’s the old adage? You do you.



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