The Most Haunted Roads to take a Road Trip through in America (States P-W)


Cossart Road (Chadds Ford , PA)

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Cossart Road

Cossart Road - source:


Just north of the Delaware border, this place is so infused with ghostly tales that M. Night Shymalan filmed his 2004 horror movie, "The Village" in a nearby field. There are also rumors that a white house is hidden in the woods on Devil's Road, officially named Cossart Road, and was home to a wealthy, incestuous family called the DuPonts, who resorted to inbreeding in order to keep their fortune within the family. "The Cult House" was used as a place to perform incestuous marriages and as a place to hide deformed offspring. Piles of animal corpses have been discovered in the area by visitors.[1]


Haunted Roads of Western Pennsylvania (Haunted America)


Rhode Island

Schoolhouse Road (Warren, RI)

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Schoolhouse Road

Schoolhouse Road - Google Maps


Just near the river on School House Road is the site of an alleged colonial murder of settlers. The road, where the heads of the victims were placed on pikes, is said to still be haunted by their ghosts. Only drive down this road if you're searching for a ghostly time.[2]

South Carolina

Old State Road (Cayce, SC)

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Old State Road

Old State Road - photo by @jmemedia - source:


In 1865, General Sherman marched his troops through South Carolina. He killed about 1500 Confederate soldiers on Old State Road during the Battle of Congaree Creek. It’s said that if you listen closely, you may be able to hear the sounds of people walking and falling into the creek. Rumor also says you may catch a peek of phantom soldiers and their lanterns swinging in the darkness.

Old State Road is also home to another ghostly character whose named “Ole Redeye.” Legend has it, if you’re driving down the road at 50 mph (not recommended by the way), you’ll see Ole Redeye keeping up with your car. You’ll know it’s him because of the red eyes you’ll see in your rearview mirror.[3]


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South Dakota

Scotty Phillip Cemetery (Fort Pierre, SD)

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Scotty Phillip Cemetery

Scotty Phillip Cemetery - Google Maps


If you take County Rd 908 off State Hwy 1806 you’ll find this creepy cemetery located in Fort Pierre. The cemetery was started when five of Scotty Phillip's kids preceded him in death. He buried them all here and was buried next to them when he passed away. The land the family was buried on then became what is presently known as the Scotty Phillips Cemetery. You can dare visit the cemetery at night to experience the strange sounds and eerie feelings that many have claimed occur here.[4]


Roaring Fork Motor Trail (Great Smokey Mountains National Park)

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Roaring Fork Motor Trail

Roaring Fork Motor Trail - photo by cbfinn_99 (TripAdvisor) - source:


Roaring Fork Motor Trail is considered to be Tennessee’s most haunted road. To get there, head into the Smoky Mountains National Park via the Cherokee Orchard Entrance (off the main street in Gatlinburg at traffic light #8) and you will see the cars-only Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail after you pass the Rainbow Falls trailhead. Drive on this 5.5-mile trail located in the Smoky Mountains for a spooky but scenic drive filled with old cabins and mills, beautiful waterfalls and wildlife, and maybe young Lucy — an alluring ghost who wanders around the park looking for help. According to legend, Lucy and the rest of her family died in a tragic cabin fire at the beginning of the 20th century. There are lots of places to pull off, but don’t wander for too long.[5] You wouldn’t want to be a permanent resident there yourself.





Bragg Road aka “The Ghost Road” (Saratoga, TX)

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Bragg Road

Big Thicket Light - photo courtesy of Ken Rudine (August 2007) - source:


Considered to be the most haunted road in Texas, Bragg Road, also known as The Ghost Road can be found in Saratoga, about 38 miles northwest of Beaumont. The best time to visit the Ghost Road in Hardin County is late in the evening when nightfall descends over the Big Thicket and your imagination begins to push aside conventional thoughts like, “There’s no such thing as ghosts.”[6]


Bragg Road

Same stretch of road in daylight - photo courtesy of Ken Rudine (August 2007) - source:


The road itself originated as right-of-way for a branch of the Santa Fe line from Bragg Station to Saratoga laid in 1901. The rails remained until 1934, but as the path was a good one, their removal permitted auto and truck traffic access to Saratoga. Stories of mysterious lights appearing to travelers began while the rails remained, then continued after their removal. Archer Fullingim, a publisher-editor of the Kountze News who first spread the light’s fame, apparently recognized a gift horse when he saw one, publicized the light and naturally the curious flocked to the area to catch a glimpse of the ghostly light and thrill a bit in the Thicket-darkened night.[7]

No matter what the explanation is, the ghost light apparently exists. It has appeared in newspapers and the prestigious National Geographic. Even a school textbook tells its story.[8]


Heber City Cemetery (Heber City, UT)
680 N 550 E, Heber City, UT 84032

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Heber City Cemetery

Heber City Cemetery - Google Maps


Visit this cemetery during the day or night and you might see something otherworldly. During the day, visitors see a little girl playing around the headstones. As they approach...she disappears. At night, footsteps and male laughter are heard amongst the trees.[9]


Devil's Washbowl Road (Moretown, VT)

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Pigman image from Steve Bissette (The Vermont Monster Guide) - source:


Located on the outskirts of Northfield, the place locals call the Devil’s Washbowl is a basin-shaped terrain of streams and caves full of fallen, moss-covered rocks. Some people might go there for a hike. It’s a place where one odd legend has lingered around in the conversations of local New Englanders, one that’s connected to a tale of a pig-human hybrid entity known as the “Pigman”. There’s been reports by locals of having cats and dogs missing. There are also reports of people seeing a 5-and-a-half-foot tall to 6-foot-tall creature with a pig-like snout and beady eyes, a creature thought to be responsible for those animal disappearances.[10]


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Crawford Road (Yorktown, VA)

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Crawford Road

Crawford Road Yorktown, VA - photo courtesy of


This beautiful area with a unique historical architecture is also a place well-known by locals to be extremely haunted. It’s said that some go out of their way to avoid the route. Many do dare not take the road at night. One obstacle to get through is a creepy bridge. One story goes that a group of friends were driving down the road, listening to a new CD they had and having a good time reached the bridge and all of a sudden their car radio began to screech for about 10 seconds loudly. Once they passed the bridge, the noise stopped and their music kept playing along normally.

A second and probably chillier story tells of a group of friends who were driving down the road late at night. Similar to the first account, everything had been fine until they went under the bridge. While driving, they felt as though they’d run something over. They got out of the car to check but nothing was there. Startled, they got back in and proceeded. All of a sudden, the windows in the car began to fog up, and hand prints could be seen making their way up their window from the outside. Shocked and confused they had no other alternative but to keep driving. Soon, they began to hear thuds around the car.

First, they heard a thud at the top of the windshield, then at the top of the car, then the trunk. They figured either something had fallen on top of their car or something was trying to get in. After the thudding finally stopped, they heard a smearing sound at the back window. Whatever it was began to slide down until it fell off and hit the road. They got out and checked to see what it was, but nothing was there.[11]


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5 Mile Drive, Point Defiance Park (Tacoma, WA)
5400 North Pearl Street, Tacoma, WA, 98407

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Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park - photo courtesy of Rumples(TripAdvisor)


Drive down to Tacoma and cruise around Point Defiance Park, where you might be joined by the ghost of a girl who disappeared in the 1980s at the age of 12 while riding her bike at the park. Her body was discovered later, and the killer was never caught. Several people have said they’ve seen a girl riding her bike alone who vanishes when they get close to her.[12]


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West Virginia

The Tunnel Green in Wheeling (Wheeling, WV)

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The Tunnel Green in Wheeling

The Tunnel Green in Wheeling - photo from Pinterest / (CC-1.0)


The Tunnel Green in Wheeling was a tunnel built by the railway back in the mid to late 1800s, right under a small Hempfield Cemetery where many bodies were never removed for the construction. Being such an old structure that’s still used today should definitely harbor a lot of history, indeed it seems to be home to of many souls that seem to haunt this location. There have been many accounts of people seeing spooky things within the tunnel, apparitions that move about, strange noises, voices and other murderous accounts have happened here.


Boy Scout Lane (Stephens Point, WI)

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Boy Scout Lane

Boy Scout Lane - photo from Craig M. Groshek / Cgros841 (Wikipedia)


The way the story goes is that a group of Boy Scouts, back in the 50s, went for a campout in this area. They got their camp all set up and when it was time to go to bed they peacefully went to sleep in their tents amid the tall trees lining the road before their troop leader murdered them in the night. People who go down the road say that those boy scouts still haunt this area today, sometimes appearing amongst the trees covered in blood. Nowadays the land around the road is privately owned, so you’re unable to go search for the boy’s spirits, but you still may see something from the road.[13]


42°29′43″N 108°43′8″W (Atlantic City, WY)

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Atlantic City, WY

Atlantic City, WY - photo by Jennie Hutchinson - source:


If you’re looking for a ghost town on your haunted road trip adventure, you can do no better than the old Cowboy Country western gold mining town of Atlantic City. Established in 1868 during a gold mining boom in dangerous Indian Territory, and with a population of about 37 (2010 census), there’s plenty of history and hardly anyone around which makes it a prime location for potential haunting activity. The most common hauntings in Atlantic City are ones that are unexplained entities with human forms.[14]

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