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The Most Haunted Roads to take a Road Trip through in America (States K-M)


Theorosa’s Bridge (Valley Center, KS)

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Somewhere, on the outskirt of Valley Center, KS, Theorosa's Bridge is the center of a famous urban legend. It is said that long ago on the bridge area, a 19th-century wagon was ambushed by a violent group of Native Americans. During the scuffle, a baby named Theorosa was kidnapped. Her mother’s ghost is said to still be searching for her to this day. Another version of the tail involves the tragic story of a woman who had a child with someone she shouldn’t have. To cover up the scandal, she tossed the baby over the bridge and into the water, drowning it. People have heard the sobs of a baby and a woman, have seen odd lights, and have felt cold spots along the bridge. On multiple occasions, cars have stalled unexpectedly on the bridge. Two versions of the bridge have burned down, though the current concrete bridge has stood since 1991. It can be found at 109th Street and Meridian.[1]


Perryville Battlefield (Perryville, KY)
1825 Battlefield Road, Perryville, KY 40468

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Perryville Battlefield

Flickr/Battlefield Protection Program


It not so much the road that harbors the undead, but the address the road leads to. On October 8, 1862, cannon explosions shattered the rural peace of this tranquil countryside and the death moans of young soldiers. Perryville became the site of the most destructive Civil War battle in the state which left more than 7,600 killed, wounded or missing.[2] It’s said that the place is still haunted by the Union and Confederate soldiers of the Battle of Perryville in 1862. Many world-renowned paranormal investigators have reported a lot of activity, specifically in two old houses on the battlefield that served as hospitals for wounded soldiers once the fighting ceased: the John Dye House and the H.P. Bottom House.[3]




Coteau Road (Houma, LA)

Google Map


Coteau Road

Coteau Road - Google Maps


Walking ghosts have been seen near the old sheet metal buildings in the fields near this street. Locals have also reported hearing disembodied voices, seeing odd people walking to and fro across the street to old metal sheds on the property, as well as experiencing many other unexplained phenomena around this small town road.[4]


Brownsville Road, Maine Route 11 (Millinocket, ME)

Google Map


Brownsville Road

Brownsville Road - photo by: smilla4/Flickr - source: OnlyInYourState.com


As you cross the "Green Bridge" just west of Millinocket, you might be greeted by a ghostly woman all dressed in white. Legend has it, 50 years ago the car of a newlywed couple swerved off the road into an embankment. The husband went to find help and when he returned, his young wife was gone. It’s said that she still roams this lonely stretch of road, searching for her lost love, while the remains of the cursed car wreck – some say – can still be found in the woods.[5]

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Crybaby Bridge on Beaver Dam Road (Beltsville, MD)[6]

Google Map


Cry Baby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge - photo courtesy of joannedi.wordpress.com


This place has to be on every paranormal investigator’s bucket list. There are many urban legends that surround this place, such as the sound of a ghostly baby that was hurled over the rail into the murky, swirling waters below long ago can be heard near the bridge.[7] In nearby Hyattsville, the famous tale of the goat man lives on. In the 1980s, strange things started happening on the edge of Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. A series of bizarre and grisly murders in the woods by St. Mark the Evangelist School and at the Crybaby Bridge in the woods on the grounds of the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Services kicked off local media frenzy. It is widely believed that these killings were carried out by a creature with the body of a man but the head and animalistic instincts of a wild goat.[8] It’s believed that this reported goat man could have been the fault of the government due to a science experiment gone wrong involving animal/human DNA hybrid experiments by the Agricultural Research Foundation.


The Big Book of Maryland Ghost Stories (Big Book of Ghost Stories)



Route 44 Hitchhiker - The Red Headed Hitchhiker (Rehoboth, MA)

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Hitchhiker - photo by Meghan Aileen - source: AntiqueArchaeology.com


Taking 44 from the Hudson Valley all the way to where it ends in Rehoboth, Massachusetts will not only be a beautiful ride in the right time of year, but it might just scare the living day lights out of you too. There has been tales of a six foot tall, red-headed, bearded man with dark lifeless eyes that tries to hitch a ride with drivers of the road. The thing is that he matches the description of a victim who years ago died in a terrible crash on that stretch of road. Locals warn against offering him a lift because those who have had some bad experiences.[9]


7 Gables Road (Ingham Township, MI)

Google Map


7 Gables Road

7 Gables Road - Google Maps


There are many legends surrounding one main character to this dead end road, but most tell of a witch who used to occupy an old house here and that she put a curse on the area. The road is less than a mile long but the haunted stories surrounding the road that ends at a metal gate are circulated world-wide. There’s even a tale that surrounds a family who moved into the home, years after the land was cursed. As the legend goes, the man became possessed and killed his family at the home.[10]


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Timber Lake Road (New London, MN)

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Cemetery - photo by Jaegar Moore/Flickr - source: OnlyInYourState.com


About an hour drive south west of St. Cloud you can find this county road that looks like any other at daylight, but you may want to reconsider this route at night. The road runs along a thick forest and wetlands that are part of Sibley State Park. The locals have claimed to have seen and hear all kinds of spooky things out there, from red eyes looking at them through the trees, to creepy noises, tell of deathly horror stories in the area, as well as claim to have seen ghostly apparitions. The creepy old cemetery along the road that’s alleged to be haunted doesn’t help the nerves much at night either.


Devil Worshiper’s Road (Waynesboro, MS)

Google Map


Devil Worshiper’s Road

Devil Worshiper’s Road - source: YourCountryUS96.com


Yes, apparently this is the name people call this road! Its real name is Waynesboro Shubuta Road. Right in Wayne County, the Home of The Whistle Stop Festival, many local stories surround the history of this road in Waynesboro. Paranormal experiences have been said to occur along its entire length. Some believe the haunting is a result of occult sacrifices, which allegedly took place in the area. Other tales involve the legend of Goat Man, a farmer who made a deal with the devil and was transformed into a goat. He’s reported to be over 7 foot tall with white furry legs an animal like head, horns and glowing eyes. He’s said to carry a pitch fork or axe and is able to appear and disappear at will. He is said to stand In front of stopped vehicles and watch the people inside. There have also been Reports of car engines suddenly dying, the appearance of shadowy figures, cars violently shaking and mysterious handprints appearing on windows even though no person actually approached the car.[11]


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The Devil’s Promenade (near Hornet, MO)


The Devil’s Promenade

The Devil’s Promenade "Spooklight" - source: anomalien.com


A very unique name for a passageway indeed, there are claims of activity every night along this stretch of road, so if you’re interested in capturing paranormal activity this might be your route. There’s tale of what’s colloquially known as a “Spooklight”, an orb of light that peeks through the trees long after the sun has completely set. According to the legend, the spook light was first seen by Indians along the infamous Trail of Tears in 1836; however, the first “official” report occurred in 1881 in a publication called the Ozark Spook Light.[12]  Legend also says that the orb is the spirit of two Native American lovers who are looking for each other.

Directions to the Spook Light:

From I-44, take exit 4 - HWY 86 South. Follow approx six miles to junction Route BB. Turn right on BB Highway and follow the road until it ends. Turn right again, go one mile, turn left on E50 Road (also known as Spooklight Road). Approx 1 1/2 - 2 miles is the darkest and best place to wait.


2415 South Montana Street (Butte, MT)

Google Map


Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mount Moriah Cemetery/Facebook - source: OnlyInYourState.com


This street will lead you to a haunted place. A cemetery called Mount Moriah with a ghostly background. If you can make it to the Mount Moriah Cemetery before dark, you just might spot the wheelchair-bound spirit that many have seen. The first known witnesses were two police officers in the 1970s. They were patrolling the property one night when they both saw someone in a wheelchair pass through the locked gates of the cemetery. They even ran over to the gate to see if whoever it was needed help. Not only had the wheelchair-bound spirit disappeared, but they found no sign of him and no wheelchair tracks in the snow.[13]

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