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The Most Haunted Roads to take a Road Trip through in America (States A-I)


Highway 5 Ghost (Lynn, AL)

Google Map


Highway 5

Highway 5 - Google Maps


Highway 5 is a stretch of road that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who was killed by a trucker. Story goes that this woman travels up and down searching for her killer. There have been reports of her supposedly banging on truck doors in the midst of her searching, going as far as stepping on the side of trucks to pear in the windows to see if the driver is there. It is no wonder many truckers aware of this ghostly woman make it a point to bypass this area and choose a different route for their drives instead. Truckers admit that driving down Highway 5 in a truck especially at night is just too scary a thought to risk taking this route.[1]


Badarka Road (Chugiak, AK)

Google Map


Badarka Road

Badarka Road Chugiak, AK - photo by: Danny Gill/Flickr - source: OnlyInYourState.com


One of the most well-known ghost stories in Alaska is that of an ax accident along Badarka Road in Chugiak. We could not find a Badarka Road on a Google search. Some seem to think it's South Birchwood Road (Reddit) and we did find there is a Baidarka Street in Chugiak (Google Map link above). The story goes that a five-year-old girl was helping her father to chop wood out in the woods to bring back to the cabin where her mother and younger sister were waiting. The dad is said to have embedded the ax into a tree to make sure the child did not fall on it, but when he turned his back she decided to try and impress her daddy by pulling the ax out and chopping some wood on her own. However, her plan went horribly wrong and she ended up pulling the ax down on her own head killing her instantly! Her father was understandably distraught and refused to leave his poor girl alone in the woods. He sat out there in the woods cradling her lifeless body through the winter eventually dying of hypothermia. It is now alleged that if you drive down Badarka Road in Chugiak at around 3:30AM you may see the man cradling the lifeless corpse of his daughter sitting by the roadside.[2]


Indian Route 64 to Canyon de Chelley

Google Map



Spider Rocks Canyon de Chelley

Canyon de Chelley - source: AmericanSouthwest.net


The road Indian Route 64 is not really what is considered a haunted stretch of asphalt, but it’s where the road leads is what gets reports of paranormal activity. Canyon de Chelley is a place where for nearly 5,000 years, people have lived. This northeastern Arizona canyon was once the scene of a Native American warfare Massacre Cave. Stories say the battle still rages in the afterlife and the living can hear the ghostly warfare.[3]


Haunted Arizona: Ghosts of the Grand Canyon State



Old Redfield Road (Sheridan, AR)

Google Map


Redfield Road

Redfield Road - Google Maps


Near Little Rock, in the town of Sheridan, there have been reports of paranormal activity that would scare the shoes off anyone. Locals have reported seeing ghostly apparitions while driving or walking down the road. Oh, don't go near the local cemetery where sightings occur on a regular basis. It's been known that radios and other electrical equipment will quit working when traveling in this area.[4] No wonder people put the petal to the metal to avoid this place.


Prospector’s Road (Georgetown, CA)

Google Map


Prospector’s Road

Prospector’s Road (Georgetown, CA) - photo by: Wikimedia/cgros841 - source: huffpost.com


During the California gold rush, when thousands of weary men dug day and night for riches, gold miners would kill any fellow wealth-seekers who bragged too much about their finds. One of their victims has been said to appear out of the bushes on this half-paved road, repeatedly whispering the phrase “Get off my claim.[5]"

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Riverdale Road between Thornton and Brighton, Colorado

Google Map


Riverdale Road

Riverdale Road - Google Maps


Apparently Riverdale Road is locally known to have a plethora of paranormal activity, such as being a supposed location for the Gates of Hell, and people reportedly seeing ghosts of women, dogs, children, and a jogger. Riverdale Road is considered to be the most haunted road in Colorado.[6]

Ghost Adventures Volume 15



Saw Mill City Road (Shelton, CT)

Google Map


Saw Mill City Road

Saw Mill City Road - Google Maps


The scariest stretch of this road runs parallel to the Means Brook Reservoir. People have reported shadowy figures darting from tree to tree, with increased reports during warmer days. Some say the spirits may try and spook you as you come around a bend. So be wary on this curvy road![7] If you enjoy been terrified, you may also want to check out the story of Melon Heads.


Cooches Bridge (S. Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, DE)

Google Map


Cooches Bridge

Modern Day Cooches Bridge - source: History.Delaware.gov


Cooches Bridge in Newark is the site of the first battle that was fought in the American Revolutionary war. Reportedly, a headless British soldier can be seen wandering around the area on foggy, moonless nights.[8]





I-4 Dead Zone

Google Map


I-4 Highway Sign

I-4 Highway Sign - source: TwistedTravel.ca


It’s been said that drivers have seen phantom trucks and paranormal sightings on the I-4 Dead Zone between Sanford and Daytona Beach. Concerned drivers have called police stations and the highway patrol to alert them to these phantom cars and trucks driving too fast and even crashing on remote stretches of the highway in a few reports.[9] There’s been reports of orbs floating across the highway erratically, ghostly apparitions trying to hitchhike on the side of the road, and reports of freezing spots on the road even in warm weather conditions; activity believed by experts to be the spirits drawing surrounding energy to manifest themselves, leaving the surrounding atmosphere colder where the spirits stand.


Abercorn Street (Savannah, GA)

Google Map


432 Abercorn Street

432 Abercorn Street (Savannah, GA) - source: GothicBiteMagazine.com


This road marks the address of a specific haunted location, one of the most haunted locations in Savannah, Georgia. 432 Abercorn Street, is considered by many to be the most haunted house in Savannah (to be considered the most haunted house in a city that is considered to be the most haunted in America says a lot). This reputation is due as much to the history of the house, and the land on which it stands, as to the myths and rumors that surround the property, and its previous owners.[10]


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H-1 Highway (Oahu, HI)

Google Map


H-1 Highway

H-1 Highway (Oahu, HI) - photo by: Ian Charleton/Flickr - source: OnlyInYourState.com


Said to be one of the most haunted places on Oahu, during construction on the major highway workers claimed to see the ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors. While digging through the mountain, bones of ancient Hawaiians were found. It took seven years to build the freeway because they couldn’t find people to work.[11]


Plaza Bridge - North Plaza Road (Emmett, Idaho)

Google Map


Plaza Bridge - North Plaza Road

Plaza Bridge - North Plaza Road (Emmett, Idaho) - Google Maps


There have been many strange occurrences on this locally legendary bridge. There have been many reported strange happenings, the most common being an apparition of a woman who seems to be searching for her child. The wailing of a baby can sometimes be heard as the woman searches. People who have camped in the area have also claimed to hear fingernails scratching and tapping on their tents, as well. Whatever seems to be haunting this bridge has yet to prove itself malevolent. However, its presence is unsettling nonetheless.[12]


Archer Avenue (Chicago area)

Google Map


Archer Avenue

Archer Avenue Illinois - photo by: Ciprian77


Chicago's Archer Avenue is said to be one of the most haunted roads in America, perhaps because of two nearby cemeteries. Once it was an Indian path, chosen for its alleged magnetic power. Today, nighttime travelers sometimes report seeing eerie, hooded figures on Archer, or phantom hearses or "Disappearing Mary," the ghost of a girl killed by a hit-and-run driver.[13]


Illinois' Haunted Route 66 (Haunted America)



Edna Collins Bridge (Putnam County, Indiana)

Google Map


Edna Collins Bridge

Edna Collins Bridge - photo by: Tom Phelan - source: JiffyLubeIndiana.com


This beautiful red covered bridge was erected over Little Walnut Creek in 1922. It was the last covered bridge built in Putnam County and still stands today. According to legend, Little Edna Collins’ parents used to drop her and her dog off on their way to Greencastle so they could swim in the creek. When they returned from their trip, they would drive onto the bridge and honk three times to let Edna know it was time to go home. One day, when her parents came to pick her up and honked their horn, Edna didn’t respond. Her body was later found downstream. They say if you drive onto the bridge and honk three times, little Edna’s ghost will appear on the bridge and try to get into your car. Some people have even recorded finding little kids handprints on their car after they drive away and hearing a little girl giggle.[14]


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Stony Hollow Road (Burlington, IA)

Google Map


Stony Hollow Road

Stony Hollow Road (Burlington, IA) - source: TravelIowa.com


This lonely road in Burlington is said to be haunted by a woman named Lucinda. She reportedly threw herself off of a cliff after learning her husband ran out on her. It is said that if you say Lucinda’s name three times her ghost will appear. Be warned, however, should she lay a rose at your feet, the legend says you will meet your demise the following day.[15]

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