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Themed Road Trips

Themed Road Trips

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What is a themed road trip? Well, let me explain by telling you through our own road trip experiences, and why my wife and I even came up with such a thought. Jenny and I have been road tripping throughout the U.S. together since we met back in 2009. Our first “road trip” was out of a Fry’s parking lot in Houston to a Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant down I-45. We connected right off the bat and have enjoyed the road together ever since.

We’ve taken road trips throughout the country together over the years; mostly, at first, for trips to cities and towns she had marathon races in. Jenny was a top athletic runner in her prime that led her across the country to pursue her goal of completing a marathon in all 50 U.S. states, of which she accomplished the 50 States Marathon Club in 2016. We weren’t on the road together for every state she ran, but we did team up together for a drive now and then, often checking off several states in one road trip.


Marathon Runners


Our first themed road trip together was back in 2011, where we actually flew out of Houston to Seattle, Washington on a Saturday night because Jenny had a marathon to run the following Sunday morning in Seattle. We had to fly to Washington instead of driving the whole way because of our jobs. Jenny had to work on Saturdays at the time and she had to be back to work the following mid-week. I couldn’t take too much time off myself at the time, so our only option was to fly out instead of making a drive the whole way and back. Months before we even set out on our flight to Seattle in November, we had been reading the Twilight series of novels together in the evenings at home. If you’ve never read the book series, it was a popular teen vampire/werewolf love story that took place in several locales across the state of Washington. Places like Forks, LaPush, and Port Angeles, to name a few.


Twilight Novel Series



Jenny and I had just started reading the last book of the series entitled Breaking Dawn, about a month before our Washington trip. So, one night after reading we had the epiphany to plan a road trip in our rental car in Washington after her Sunday morning race to go see the towns that were in the books. What a great idea! We planned it out, only visiting the towns mentioned in the book series and not bothering with going anywhere else. We’d visit Port Angeles, Forks, LaPush, and other locations along the way only stopping when we needed and enjoyed the scenery, small business browsing and shopping, and a little diner eating along the way. We had a blast having a look around and taking pictures of our themed adventure. We never took a tour, only going where we wanted all on our own. It was the best! We even found a place on the Pacific coast, by chance really, that I have written about in our blog series entitled, “That Time We Found a Magical Place”. It was one of our most memorable and enjoyable trips we’ve been on thus far in our road trip travels together.


That Time We Found a Magical Place

Sea Stacks at Ruby Beach. Photo by Dustin Hodges - Omigod, Dibs!™


Another themed road trip we went on was based on our interests. We both love science fiction, and being someone who graduated with a degree in physics and who loves science, I thought that it would be awesome for us to plan our summer 2013 road trip through the southwest as a science fiction/science themed trip. Something I liked to call “sci-fi, sci-real”. This trip led us through areas such as Roswell, New Mexico, where we saw artifacts and history of crashed UFO landings and aliens at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. From Roswell, we went on to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, on over from there to Los Alamos Laboratories in Los Alamos, NM. We also went to camp in the desert in Nevada together right near Area 51! That was a real highlight of the trip. We even stopped at usual points of interest along the way, like Four Corners, Zion National Park, the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon. One really neat place we stopped at in Arizona was the Meteor Crater, a massive hole in the ground made many years ago by a very large meteor hitting the earth! That themed road trip, by far, was my personal favorite because it was based on our unique interests. That particular trip through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada was a real adventurous and entertaining road trip for us, one that I always think to want to do again in the future. If you’d like to hear more about our “sci-fi, sci-real” themed road trip, check out our blog series entitled “Close Encounters of The OMG Kind”, on our Blog page at OmigodDibs.com.


Close Encounters of The OMG Kind

Extraterrestrial Highway Sign. Photo by Dustin Hodges - Omigod, Dibs!™


You see, themed road trips are not just an opportunity to make that next road trip of yours better than the last; although, trying out new ways to make any road trip more enjoyable is always a plus, but themed road trips really bring the potential to make a more memorable trip for you and your own road trip crew. This is one of the real reasons why we love the themed road trip so much. Not only do we want to have the pictures, but we want to carry the memory of the trip forever too.


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