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The One Must-Do Thing You Do On Every Road Trip You Go On

What’s the one must-do thing you do on every road trip you go on? It’s a question that you may have to ponder on. Do you stop at local breweries or wineries when you take road trips? Do you go to museums at every town and city you drive through? Maybe you visit historical places in every township you come across. I have an aunt who just loves to stop at local antique stores in every town she takes a drive through. I have an uncle who loves to find the best seat in the middle of the busiest place of the city or town he visits to people watch.


Whimseys Fun Vintage Finds in Llano, Texas

Whimsey's Fun Vintage Finds in Llano, Texas. Photo by Dustin Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!)


Maybe you don’t do the same one thing on every road trip you take, and that would be just fine. May we suggest though, that you consider incorporating something on your next road trip that you could start doing on every one thereafter? Something that interests you, or an idea that you may steal from someone else to incorporate into your own road travels, maybe even from us. We can almost guarantee that it may make your road trips a touch more interesting, even more enjoyable, that you may have to make it a priority on every road trip adventure of yours.

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Searching for Rocks

Searching for rocks somewhere in New Mexico. Photo by Jenny Hodges (Omigod, Dibs!)


There’s one thing that I love to do, that’s unique to me and my interests. I love rocks, all sorts of rocks. Whenever my wife and I travel the road, I look for rocks that catch my eye and I pick up a few. When I get home, I find a container or get a plastic bag and label them of when and where I got them. Doing something like this, for me, helps remind me of the location we were at when I picked it up. I can picture what we were doing, at that moment we were in that location. It’s like an amplifier for my memory, kind of like a time-machine for my mental reflection on that specific road trip.




Time Machine Clock


I’ve acquired quite a few rocks and crystals along the many road trip adventures we’ve taken. I’ve even done this when I’ve flown from somewhere and packed handfuls of rocks on my carry-on. It can make for an interesting stop at the airport when you go through the check-in and the TSA agents check your luggage through the x-ray machine. I’ve been stopped before for a search of my bag because they couldn’t figure out what was in my front bag pocket. “Oh, those are just rocks… I collect rocks”, I explained as I gave an awkward grin, but they let me go and didn’t seem to mind.


Airport Check Point


Another thing my wife and I like to do is to take selfies of ourselves in front of state welcome signs. When we’re about to drive through another state line, we prepare ourselves to look for the welcome state sign we’re about to come up on and begin looking for a safe way to pull over, because usually they’re on a busy stretch of highway. We put the emergency lights on, get out of our car, make our way quickly toward the sign, smile, take the selfie, and then haul butt back to the car. This activity can be quite exhilarating at times, especially if you’re in a tight situation where there’s not enough road shoulder to pull off of and there’s heavy traffic whizzing by. You inherently get the looky-loos and angry honkers driving by wondering what those crazy out-of-towners are doing. We are not recommending that you do this, because it is dangerous. We do not do it if we determine that it’s too dangerous for ourselves. We’ve missed out on quite a few selfie opportunities through several states because we determined that it was just too dangerous to do so. There are some selfies that are just not worth it.



New Mexico Welcome Sign

New Mexico State Line. Photo by Omigod, Dibs!


Next time you take a road trip, try to incorporate something to do that you can then carry over to every road trip adventure you take thereafter. If you already do something like this, share with us what you do in the comments here, and/or on any one of our social media platforms you prefer. We’d love to hear from you. Pass your fun, distinctive ideas to other fellow road trippers you know! Whatever you choose to do on your road trips, do what speaks to your interests, have someone with you who will enjoy your unique adventures with you, and please be safe in every excursion you take.

If you're looking for more ideas on what you can incorporate into your road trips, have a look at our blog post entitled "Themed Road Trips", where we discuss taking themed road trips and how they've changed up how we plan some of our road trips to make them more interesting and fun.

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