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The Growth of You, Your Coffee and Your Brew Vessel

Camera Lens Mug

Photo by Omigod, Dibs!


If you're like me, coffee slowly made its journey into your life years ago, particularly in those early years in college where the first immediate drink of adulthood you could legally have for yourself was the bitter sweet goodness of a cup of Joe. It was like a stepping stone to manhood... or womanhood for the ladies out there.

Yes, like any other healthy drug out there, coffee was something that had to grow on you, an acquired taste as the French say, I guess. The first time is always a fumble for the newbie. You're not quite sure if it's too hot. Why does it taste so bitter? How do people drink this stuff? I can't finish this.

You put more sugar than two soda cans worth in your cheap coffee for the first year or so, but then, after some time, like a veteran connoisseur you develop a skilled taste for the riches of the finest coffees and begin to acquire higher standards in taste.

Like your coffee, your beverage vessels change and grow, and develop a personality all of their own as your coffee status raises. You go from Styrofoam cup, to paper, to plain ceramic or glass mugs, then to stainless steel travel mugs and thermoses because your thirst for the black stuff grows every morning.



One day though, you make the ultimate transition of the awakened coffee connoisseur. You put down those boring, dull coffee cups and mugs and thermoses. You begin to get more inspired liquid receptacles for your liquido negro that match your maturing personality. Coffee mugs with comical phrases or pictures of cute animals or beautifully patterned colored travel mugs with stylish stainless steel lids that double as cups. Well, my friend, I have the next step up to cafe bliss for you.

We all feel as if we're photographers with our smart phones that we carry around with us longer than we hold a cup of Go Juice. We can all appreciate the allure and beauty of a great photograph and feel inspired by them. I am no photographer, nor do I know anything about cameras, but I get just as excited as the next guy at the look of beautifully engineered and designed camera equipment that help the artist design their works of photographic art via a lens of convex glass. This is why my hand carries my little piece of inspiration in the morning with my cup of octane fuel filled to its brim. My little designer piece helps instill inspiration within at the start of my day. That little piece of inspiration is the sculpture of a travel mug I own, my Camera Lens Mug.



My Camera Lens Mug may be made of plastic on the outside, but its design quality is top notch for a camera lens look-alike. It's stainless steel interior with perfectly molded stainless threading near the mouth of the mug create a threaded seat for the transparent lens lid that screws on firmly containing my morning jolt within, creating a spill proof seal.

Yes, because of the threaded lid, there is no chance my Jitter Juice can escape its camera lens encasement, preventing the sin of spilled caffeine all over my precious little self. You see, almost all other travel mugs of mine, if not all, do not screw on, they slip on which does me no good if I clumsily knock my mug end-over-end.

You may say that my Camera Lens Mug With Transparent Lid really saves my day and instills in me an added boost of inspiration in my morning when I have cleaned it the night before to be able to use it in the morning.  So, my friend, if you're looking to mature and grow into the next stage of Java enclosures, look no further than a little nifty store called "Omigod, Dibs!" A place with trendy items catered to those of us who are not only connoisseurs of Wakey Juice, but of all things to do with road trips too.



Dustin H.

Lover of road trips, married, a father, an entrepreneur, chaser of dreams.

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